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Developer Otrs.org
Latest release 2.2.4 / November 7 2007
OS Cross-platform
Genre Issue tracking system
License GPL
Website https://www.otrs.org/

OTRS, which is short for Open-source Ticket Request System, is an open-source and free issue tracking system software package which a company, organisation or institution can use to assign tickets to incoming queries, thereby greatly facilitating the handling of support requests and other customer traffic.

In general

Like other Trouble Ticket Systems, OTRS does much more than only dealing with mail boxes: for every ticket there is a history, showing what happened to the ticket within its life cycle. OTRS has the ability to merge multiple requests about the same incident together, thus making it possible to work on an incident rather than on singular requests. OTRS is a multiuser system which means that multiple agents may work simultaneously on the tickets in OTRS, reading the incoming messages, bringing them in order, and answering them. OTRS is highly scalable, capable of handling thousands of tickets per day and a nearly unlimited number of simultaneously working agents.

OTRS has integrated functionality for creating, reworking and searching FAQ texts. The FAQ texts may be incorporated into the agents' answers on tickets.

By using a multilingual web user interface OTRS is usable independently from the respective operating systems since it's operated from a web browser. Furthermore, this facilitates the usage of OTRS by external agents or even customers participating in working on or contributing to tickets.

OTRS establishes a framework of functions. For example, the incident handling system SIRIOS of BSI, Germany, is based on OTRS.

This software is supported by COKS at podpora@coks.si