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Quemulator Logo
Developer Createweb
Latest release 0.5 / June 18 2007
OS Linux
Genre Qemu management
License GPL
Website CreateWeb

Qemulator is a free solution for easy setup and management of emulation jobs under linux with the free virtual engine emulator qemu

Qemulator is a full featured emulation suite for the qemu virtual engine, with on demand job control. Qemulator provides an easy and fast to use image and device management, a "My machines" list and interactive job control.

It comes with a list of all running jobs from where you can open the contol panel for each job and performing on demand action. Full interaction for mounted volumes, usb devices, keyboard and mouse interaction, screenshots, wave capture and save/restore machine state and open vnc viewer is provided.

The project is still under development. Current version should run stable on most Linux machines providing allmost all functions of qemu, but there are still some works to do.