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IDABC > A. Produktivnostna orodja in administrativni postopki > A.8 Orodja za obdelavo slik
Programska oprema

Developer Qdig sourceforge
Latest release 1.2.9 / February 10 2007
OS Qdig
Genre Web image gallery
License GPL
Website Qdig sourceforge

Qdig is an easy-to-use PHP script that dynamically presents your digital image files as an online gallery or set of galleries.

Qdig is a simple but flexible one-file script. Despite its simplicity, Qdig has quite a few features. It's easy to install and galleries are easy to organize and manage using your favorite FTP or SCP file management program.

You can customize the look and feel of your galleries with dozens of configuration settings, which you will find near the top of the script. Each setting is briefly described using comments in the script.

Qdig works as a stand-alone script, or you can include() it within another PHP script and it will automatically adapt by suppressing the HTML header and footer. When this happens, the script will take on the style of the calling page because the CSS style elements, including the customizable color scheme, for a stand-alone gallery are in the HTML header.

This software is supported by COKS at podpora@coks.si