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Double Choco Latte
DCL Logo
Developer Michael L. Dean
Latest release 0.9.5 / January 7 2007
OS Cross-platform
Genre Enterprise Content Management
License GPL
Website https://dcl.sourceforge.net/

Double Choco Latte is a GNU Enterprise package that provides basic project management capabilities, time tracking on tasks, call tracking, email notifications, online documents, statistical reports, a report engine, and more features are either working or being developed/planned. It can be displayed inside of a phpGroupWare installation or be used stand-alone. It is licensed under the GPL (GNU Public License), which means it is free to study, distribute, modify, and use.

Double Choco Latte provides basic project management, work orders, and call center tickets. It supports the following features and concepts:

  • Work Orders - Use for tracking history of almost anything: bugs, requests, maintenance, project tasks.
  • Projects - Include hierarchal support so sub-projects can be created. Parent project's statistics include all child project stats to provide an overall status of all projects.
  • Call Tickets - Use for contact with clients. Self-timing.
  • Time Cards - Time taken on a work order to accomplish an action. Multiple time cards can be input for a single work order.
  • Attribute Sets
  • Accounts - Client based tracking
  • Personnel - People involved in the projects, including hierarchal support
  • Departments - To "categorize" personnel
  • Severities - List a bug's severity level
  • Priorities - Ranks bugs by priority
  • Statuses - Tracks bugs by status
  • Sequences - Related Work Orders carry the same Job Number and incremental sequence numbers. Can be used for projects.
  • Products - Obvious, but also can be assigned a person to "report to". Useful for product managers to track what they're responsible for.
  • E-Mail notification via watches.

This software is supported by COKS at podpora@coks.si