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  • Raise awareness of open source importance
  • Promote open source solutions
  • Localization of OS solutions and development
  • Implementing OS solutions into business practice and public sector
  • Educating users in OS applications
  • Increase usage of OS in public and private sector

Sodelujoče organizacije


Povabilo k sodelovanju

Members of COKS share interest and passion for cooperation on the open source field. We kindly invite everyone with the interest to join us.


Coordinator of COKS is Agenda OS company

Agenda Open Systems d.o.o.

Ulica Pohorskega bataljona 49

2000 Maribor

tel: +386 242 161 31




COKS is financed from various sources:

  • Establishment of COKS was financed by Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology.
  • Founders of COKS with providing resurses and activities.
  • Offering services to market.
  • EU funds